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Agency Profile (.pdf)

Welcome to Atypical Industries.


raison d'etre




Atypical Industries is....

A Social Communications and Development Agency. Atypical Industries offers strategic planning and practical tools for the development of communication, community, brand, image, and organizational networking across a variety of social sectors. Atypical Industries aims to provide growth solutions for organizations and businesses working in the environmental, health, arts and culture, youth, and community development modes of life.

Our agency's services include :

  • Research & Writing
  • Networking and Information Management
  • Social Marketing
  • Event Marketing
  • Brand and Image Development
  • Multimedia Integration and Coordinatio

The ability to create an identity to support a message to improve a desired goal is a fine art. Our firm specializes in the art of bridging geographic and workload gaps between like industries, creating an public image, and crafting particular messages to generate public awareness and improve community growth. The development of coalescent communications strategy is the foundation of Atypical Industries. It is the groundwork that frames all growth. It is market research, community outreach, the development of brand, and the crafting of reach.

Coalescence is defined as, the act of unity to form one mass community. Our Coalescent Communications strategy acts to bridge time and space barriers between like organizations across the country: To unite those who serve common communities in order to identify strengths and build strategies for the mutual benefit of all involved.

Having worked with many notable organizations and causes since our firm’s inception, our goal is to bridge the personal with the technological, and to use modern means of communication to create new working networks in order to ensure organizational growth.

By implementing our services into your organizational framework, your organization can expect development in revenue growth, increased community awareness, strengthened branding and public image, and new partnership opportunities with like organizations regionally, nationally, or internationally.

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Raison D'etre

It is the belief of this firm, that there is a need to further integrate communication and development practice into the cultural industries of our nation. That ability to utilize the modern communications mediums of today need apply to industries focused on the conscious improvement of the cultural framework of this nation and beyond. Our firm will aim to work at improving the public voice for organizations and efforts that deal with the arts, education, environmental sustainability, healthcare, youth, and community development sectors of our society.

There is no aspect of social operation that does not depend on communication and image to disseminate a message. Our firm focuses on total development solutions for our clients, wherein the projects we undertake are thoroughly researched, developed, and implemented to harness the ultimate goals for our clients growth. The goal of this firm is to harness and further the opportunities for our clients, improving the voice for those who speak for the betterment of all our daily lives.

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Jason Eano - Founder & Principal

Practical experience in project management, design, and event planning are the realms by which Jason specializes, and his innovative, and creative network of resources give each of his projects a fresh and unique feel. His event experience ranges from galas, conferences, and fashion shows, to concerts, arts festivals, and speaker series; his diverse portfolio makes any event a possibility. With a keen eye for design Jason also leads Atypical design briefs wherein all modern mediums of artistic production are at the disposal of the Atypical Staff.

Working closely with different organizations within the Ontario Health Care system, Jason has been responsible over the past year in creating a methodology by which to frame regional cancer program communications methods in Southern Ontario. Needless to say, our Creative Director is a broad and talented resource for all projects, whose dedication to unique proect production is what drives his continued success.


Mike Poole - Principal

With three years of advertising agency and event marketing work under his belt, Mike joins Atypical Industries as a proven and experienced communications specialist and project manager. With a commitment to helping others and a keen eye for social justice, Mike returns to communications and branding with a recharged focus towards the not-for-profit sector. Mike is also proud to note his history in organizing and executing charitable events while managing a diverse group of volunteers from conceptualization to completion. Mike is a well rounded, business minded individual whose creative insight and business knowledge are an asset to Atypical Industries.

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Calgary Roof Repair

Canadian Health Network

Central East LHIN Regional Cancer Program

Central West LHIN Regional Cancer Program

Easter Seals Canada

Evergreen Hospice

Greener Solutions Environmental

Hospice King-Aurora

Investors Group Financial

The Regional Cancer Program of Southeastern Ontario

York Region Hospice Group

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