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Arts & Culture

The Canadian cultural sector is made up of individual artists, for-profit and not-for-profit organizations, and hundreds of thousands of volunteers involved in a variety of disciplines: music, dance, theater, style, visual arts, major media, crafts, museums, cultural sport, literature and beyond. Arts and Culture is the passion of our staff, and for Atypical Industries, working in the Arts and Culture sector is both a pleasure and privelege whether it be through pet projects created internally, or on behalf of our clients.

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Community Development

Social development organizations serve diverse communities – local, regional and national – and various communities of interest. They are your local social planning council, food bank, neighbourhood organization, literacy program and seniors centre. They are national anti-poverty organizations, youth help lines, groups providing leading research. And while they are as diverse as the constituencies they represent, they also have something in common: they are organizations and people building communities together.

For Atypical Industries, social development is key to the contribution of strong communities, and provides services and supports to help Canadians enhance their participation in the community and ultimately improve their quality of life. Social development projects improve the institutional infrastructure and capacity to alleviate social problems and to improve well-being. Many organizations work on their own developing succesful strategies to improve upon immediate localities. Atypical Industries goals are to create networks and collaborative partnerships while providing practical communication, and awareness and information management to further success. By connecting individuals, identifying emerging trends and offering knowledgeable and pragmatic approaches to community issues, Atypical Industries is a creative force in the effort to strengthen every organization it works with.

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Within a short period, the environmental movement has developed a new approach to all aspects of economic and community development. This approach emphasizes citizen commitment and participation at every stage – from planning to assessment – of all projects that have an impact on our communities. The notion of acting or being green, and developing sustainable modes of business is topical across all business. To be environmentally conscious is to appeal to the ultimate trend, and marketing towards the sustainable growth of our planet is as fashionable as it is functional. Let us guide your messaging and bring you to the practical and popular forefront.

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All groups working in health strive to be caring, hopeful, compassionate and collaborative. Working in health, Atypical Industries hopes to bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience and resources, all of which improve the health of Canadians and strengthen Canada's health system. - what we being is access to information - this should reflect that.

Healthcare practitioners strive to be caring, compassionate, hopeful and collaborative. Working in public health, Atypical Industries stives to bring together a wealth of knowledge, expertise, experience and resouces, bringing easier access to information, build network of care


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